Best Hotels in Kanha

A lot of crowd from city turns to hill stations and tourist places for vacations when it’s the time for month of May and June. People mostly look for some thrill and adventure when on a holiday. School going kids are also willing to visit places which would be a never seen for them. This whole trip if planned would cost a lot and would be very tiring and hectic because of a lot of travelling. You can simply go to a resort and book a private place for your whole group and enjoy your holidays. Sounds unbelievable, right? I’ll tell you how it’s possible. A place which is all in one can make it happen. Kanha national park situated in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is the place for thrill and adventure. Now it’s hard to define which all will be better and more facilitated Hotels in Kanha. Don’t go beyond Soulacia hotels and resorts if you are willing to have all in one place holidays for yourself.

Searching for suitable Hotels in Kanha is difficult but once found its fun. You can enjoy your holidays at Soulacia whichever way you want to because they will provide you with all the facilities then and there. There are many Hotels in Kanha but I would suggest you Soulacia. You can book your accommodation as per your choice, there are three options for it, a spacious room or a luxurious tent house or if want to have a explicit holidays you can book your own villa for few days. Spending a whole week will be sufficient for you with your gang here.

hotels in Kanha

Adventure and thrill can be hiking and trekking here since it is also a part of Soulacia and they would organize it for you. After this, if your want to ride between the wood of your own then you can also go for a nature ride which you can go by a cycle. Its famous in Soulacia to have a cycle ride and watch the greenery all around. On this cycle ride you will also be watching a lot of birds with different beautiful noises they would be making. Silently watch them or just capture their actions in your camera to watch later. Cycles for your gang would be provided by the Soulacia itself.

After all this you must be wondering what next? Then go for a jungle safari by jeep that would just take your trip to a next level with more of adventure into it. Jeep safari will introduce you with lots of new species of animals. a plus point for visiting Kanha national park during summers is that you will get to see swamp deer’s there which are seen only during the summers. This package can make a much better trip for you then just travelling all day long and visiting only a single place. This way you can make the most out of your holidays and that too in a luxury style.

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