Escape into  An Exciting kanha Jungle Safari

Kanha National Park is known as the Jewel of Madhya Pradesh. Kanha National Park is home to the vast variety of Diverse wildlife and the inspiration for the Famous Novel The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kiplings. Tiger, Jackal fox, Porcupine, bison, hyena, chital, barasingha, sambhar, gaur, barking deer, black deer, black buck, nilgai, monkey, chousingha, mongoose, mouse sloth bear, jungle cat, python, hare, leopard, pea fowl are some of the major wildlife attractions of Kanha National Park.

Kanha Jungle Safari

Surrounded by the beautifully landsacped grassy meadows and dense bamboo sal forests makes every traveler visiting kanha speechless. Kanha National Park is one of the largest National Parks of India. Most popularly known for its significant population of the sloth bear, Royal Bengal Tiger, Barasingha, leopards and Indian wild dog. An Ideal Place for Exciting Kanha Jungle Safari.

The open meadows in the cold winters are usually fulfilled with barasinghas and a plenty of tiger activity around during Kanha Jungle Safari for sure. Enjoy a wonderful Kanha Jungle Safari where you will find a female tigress with her small cube encircles you, swamp deer going bravely with their husky alarm calls ringing would go bravely while during exciting Kanha Jungle Safari. Far from being the smart aleck, cunning, portrayed in Disney’s Jungle Book, the “Sher Khan” is really a true blue-blooded royalty of Kanha National Park.

Explore an unforgettable experience with an adventurous night Kanha Jungle Safari, drive around the mesmerizing surroundings of the buffer zone of Kanha National Park. We offers guest with the choice of an open gypsy and covered vehicle during Kanha Jungle Safari.

Birding Walks, Nature Trails:

Relive an enthralling wildlife experience of Kanha Jungle Safari surrounded on the banks of banjar river which brings an opportunity to explore birds & nature. We offers such trails on requests and accompained you with one of our best naturalist.

For the Nature explorers, there is a museum at Kanha symbolizing the attributes and activities of tribal culture in the Kanha National Park. The Museum remains closed every Wednesday.


For A Magical Experience in Kanha National park, Explore wonderful Kanha Jungle safari with Soulacia!

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