Unexplored Kanha Jungle Safari

How about if you can explore three things in a one go? Sounds exciting!!! Right. We can give you a guide to your upcoming holidays. In the heart of India, you can visit to Madhya Pradesh instead of opting for any other place. Madhya Pradesh is quite large in its area and having a numerous places to visit. You must have planned to visit a lot of places but this time you can just visit one place but have enjoyment of three different things. Go straight to the Kanha national park close to Ramnagar station. This park offers a great deal of eco friendly environment and adventure. Besides if you will come up with a good budget then you can also give a luxury touch to your holidays. Luxury, adventure and nature three experiences will make holidays for you this time. You can book a room at Soulacia resort for luxury accommodation and enjoy the beauty of Kanha national park besides, can have a Kanha Jungle Safari. This place is very famous for people who love wildlife and nature together. Kanha Jungle Safari would be enriched with a lot of species of animals and birds. Kanha is known to have more than 1000 wild plantation flowers. This place makes it a perfect destination for nature lovers and Soulacia puts up it as a luxury stay for visitors.

Kanha Jungle Safari

Kanha Jungle Safari will be of around three hours and will include all sightseeing and bird watching. Kanha Jungle Safari will be full of never seen birds and their noises. After the safari, you can go for some adventure the next day to Bammi dadar which is at the top of a hill at Kanha National Park. Bammi dadar is also known as the sun set point of Kanha from where you can enjoy amazing view of sunset right at the top of hill. Gazing animals all around increases the beauty of sunset there. For reaching there you need to go by trekking which is going to be much adventurous and full of fun. After these you can spare sometime at the Soulacia resort just having a pleasure time with your friends or family.

Soulacia is a resort which lets you to stay more in touch with nature and let you to enjoy the most of it. You can go for a nature cycle ride with your friends in the morning because Kanha looks beautiful this time. A cycle ride would be more healthy and enjoyable for your whole gang. Soulacia lets you to have every facility at an ease. From making your Kanha Jungle Safari amazing to organizing every comfort for you at the resort they make your trip best of all.

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