Unforgettable Experience to Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is the largest tiger reserve of Madhya Pradesh and comes under the top 10 reserve parks of India. The park was built on 1 june, 1955 & in 1973 and was named as the "Kanha Tiger Reserve". Now, it covers over an area of 940 square kilometers along the two districts Mandla and Balaghat. The park has a great population of Bengal tiger, Indian leopards, the sloth bear, barasingha and Indian wild dog. An inspiration for the famous jungle book by Rudyard kipling who describes the beauty of lush Sal and bamboo forests, ravines and the grassy meadows of the park. Kanha is a famous wild park for the travelers all around the world. Those who want to seek for holidays in nature"s lap can sit for this amazing national park.

Kanha National Park Attractions

It"s all together a place for nature lovers and offers a great deal of flora and fauna in the jungle as a whole. Wildlife photographers can have a great time here since Kanha National Park offers distinctive rare species of animals like Barasingha, wild dogs and Indian tigers. Bammi dadar is also a place to be enjoy the most during the evenings which is also known as the sunset point of Kanha National Park. This park is rich in its flora and has more than 1000 species of flowering plants, besides more than 300 species of birds can be spotted here and makes it"s a place for bird watchers too. Making the land more beautiful and adorable, the crystal clear streams amidst the dense jungle and you can also find turtles around it.

Kanha National Park

Best time to visit Kanha National Park

Though anytime could be best for visiting this park but most suitable time can be from the month of November to March. This is the time when you will get the best scenario at Kanha National Park. During this time you can watch flora and fauna richly distributed all around. Enough of days you would be having for your holidays but if you didn"t go for a jungle safari your holidays wouldn"t be accomplished. You must go during the morning timings for watching tigers since this is the time they are most active. Kanha National Park promises to give a spectacular view of animals through the whole year so visit this place at anytime of the year. Kanha National Park is known for swamp deers which are seen at the end of the summers. When visiting the park during winters you will see how bright your holidays would become with sun on the top because sun is also a part of nature and it only increases the beauty of jungle.

Jungle Safari within Deep Forests

Jungle safari is the most important part of your tour and will let you to have a close view of animals. There are two options for it, you can either go for a jeep safari or opt for an elephant safari at Kanha National Park. Both of them would be having some good perks like elephant safari would be something much more enjoyable but jeep safari would make a great deal and let you to get more into deep forest. Jungle safari at Kanha National Park is much more fun because it is well known for its rich flora and fauna. A great jungle safari needs more organized timings; try to catch up the safari during the morning timings since forest would be a definition of beauty in morning time. We would suggest you to keep you camera in hand to capture all the scenic beauty of nature and animals. Forests are deep enough and have numerous animals so take the jeep as the option for locating the animals. Bird watchers are told to keep their eyes wide opened to see the large species of birds and ears opened to hear the noises they make.

Where to stay in Kanha National Park

When visiting the Kanha National Park you can stay more in touch with nature while having a stay at the Soulacia resort which is being marked by the visitors for its luxury facilities and the natural beauty it is surrounded by. Soulacia resort offers their guests the type of accommodation they want to have, either a room or a tent house or a whole villa they would book for few days. Soulacia is completely meant for a luxury stay at Kanha and this wouldn"t let your expectations to go down when it comes to service. Soulacia is a quite place which leaves you with some mesmerizing holiday memories. You would never get disappointed by the nature view and the facilities you will be provided by at the Soulacia.

Memories at Soulacia

Make all your auspicious moments more special with Kanha National Park and Soulacia resort. Moments may not lost but the memories would definitely last. You can have a reason to celebrate with your friends or family or just come and spare your holidays here. If you keep an option of staying at Soulacia, we would organize you with all the required facilities on one go and you would be just left with the enjoyment and memories to cherish to later.

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