Adventurous Kanha Wildlife Tour

An adventurous Kanha Wildlife Tour could be the best for your upcoming summer vacations. Though may June have a hot weather but still Kanha Wildlife Tour offers great scenes on a jungle safari. Kanha is beauty in itself if you are visiting it during the morning time. Kanha national park is famous for its rich natural flora and fauna. Kanha the best destination for nature lovers since it offers a large species of animals and birds and it is also known for the wild plantation of flowers. You can watch silently birds at Kanha national park and capture their actions because you will find a large number of never seen species of birds at the Kanha Wildlife Tour . Kanha national park is having more than 300 species of flower plants and more than 1000 species of birds which also includes the migratory birds.

It is mainly known for Indian tiger and has a significant population of Indian leopards, the sloth bear, Barasingha and Indian wild dog. Other commonly seen animals in the park include the spotted deer, Sambar, barking deer and the four-horned antelope. Reptiles like Indian pythons, Indian cobras, krait, rat snakes, vipers, keel backs and grass snakes are nocturnal animals, and are therefore rarely seen. There are many species of turtles as well as amphibians found in or near the water bodies. If we talk about the point of interests when on Kanha Wildlife Tour we would strongly recommend you to visit bammi dadar which is also known as the sunset point of Kanha national park.

Kanha Wildlife Tour

You can enjoy the beautiful view of sun from there and the gazing animals around it make it more beautiful. This place is basically on a slightly high mountain which you have to climb for achieving this view. But it is worth making!! Going for a Kanha Wildlife Tour would give you two options of either covering it by jeep or you can opt for elephant safari. Jeep safari is a much better option since it is hard for an elephant to take you in the deep forests of Kanha national park. Jeep would be take around three whole hours to complete a round of jungle and it will be stopping at several places in between the jungle so that people can enjoy at jungle. During the jeep safari bird watchers are advised to keep a look straight upside to adore the real beauty of birds. Except this all around you will see a lot of greenery on the way. Its completely upon with whom you want to go for the safari but being with yours friends it would be a perfect option for amazing experience.

If you are also willing to spend some time with nature you can have a luxury stay at the Soulacia resort which is in kanha national park and is known for its luxurious facilities. This would make a perfect getaway for a week and you can even return within a week

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